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What is the purpose of the storm drain system?
Its purpose is to prevent flooding of streets and highways by quickly and efficiently transferring rain water into creeks, and eventually the South San Francisco Bay.

Environment - Water & Sewer Utilities - Stormwater

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1. Why are we stenciling the curbs and gutters with a message?
2. Where does the storm drain go?
3. What is the purpose of the storm drain system?
4. Are there any charges or fees associated with the storm drain system?
5. Why do I have to pay an annual Storm Sewer Service Charge?
6. What can you put down the storm drain?
7. Who fixes clogged storm drains?
8. Why shouldn't yard trimmings and soil go into the storm drain? Doesn't rain wash the same kind of material into the creek anyway?
9. Why isn't storm water treated before it goes into the creek?
10. What do I do if I see someone dumping something other than rain water down a storm drain?