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The Vietnamese American Cultural Center, at the George Shirakawa Community Center

The Shirakawa Community Center is located in Council District 7 and is 15,840 square feet in size.

Community Center Details
  • Banquet Hall Occupancy
    • Assembly: 230
    • Dining: 130
  • Bus Lines: 26 and 72
  • Dedicated ECR Rooms: 1
  • Number of Classrooms: 4

Programs Offered

Vietnamese American Cultural Center (VACC) located at Shirakawa Community Center serves as a place for the community to gather, a home for the community to come and share culture, traditions, and resources. The VACC provides diverse programming options ranging from health, entertainment, and education such as Exercise, Dancing, Computer, and ESL Classes for seniors; Martial Arts and Homework Hours for children; Hair Cut, Parents & Children Workshop, and Women support group for families. The VACC hosts several traditional events like Lunar New Year Festival, Hung King Commemoration, and Moon Festival. The Center is also a meeting place for many community organizations. The general hours of operation are 9AM – 6PM daily.


For more information, please contact:


Hoang Truong by phone at 408-794-6552 or by email at