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Illegal Dumping
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Litter is small amounts of trash, including cigarette butts, which are carelessly (and illegally) tossed, blown, washed, or otherwise left on the ground. It may seem like a little bit here and there, but litter accumulates quickly and can make areas unsightly, lead to illegal dumping, end up in our waterways, and even clog storm drains. 

Illegal Dumping is when a larger amount of garbage, including furniture, household hazardous waste, appliances, etc., is dumped rather than disposed of properly. Illegal dumping is a major problem in many large cities, and in the last three years, incidents of illegal dumping on public property in San José have increased by 50%. The overall amount of illegally dumped materials has increased by 75%. Dumped materials result in a public health hazard while impacting livability, degrading economic value, attracting additional dumping, and attracting criminal activities.
Report and prevent illegal dumping!

Learn about the City's programs to combat illegal dumping.